Company Cars

Keep cost of company cars under control

With ProDongle you prevent excessive use of the company cars and keep fuel, maintenance and insurance costs under control. Manage the financial, technical and maintenance information of your fleet in a structured way. Our unique privacy protection ensures that employees agree to implement our solution..

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Prevent abuse

Company cars are a form of alternative remuneration. In case of excessive use or abuse, the employee receives an unfair advantage. Avoid discussions and prevent fraud:

  • Prevent excessive private or alternative use by automatic division of work and private mileage
  • Build in an extra check for the use of the fuel card
  • Charge foreign kilometres on the basis of kilometre registration
  • Protect your company's image by keeping the driving behaviour of your young employees reasonable
Company Cars
Company Cars

Reduce fleet costs

Not all employees act equally punctually with their company car. Make them responsible for their company car and receive timely warnings if problems arise:

  • Reduce consumption, maintenance and wear costs through improved handling
  • Send reminders to perform maintenance and periodic inspections
  • Receive warnings in case of low battery voltage or serious technical problems
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Facilitate your fleet management

The management of a fleet of vehicles quickly becomes quite a job. Get the right tools to manage your fleet in a professional way:

  • Keep track of all technical, financial and insurance data of the fleet
  • Proactively plan maintenance and periodic inspections and check that they have been carried out
  • Negotiate cheaper insurance premiums
Company Cars
Company Cars

Tailor-made privacy

  • Your company policy determines when a vehicle is visible or invisible
  • Ability to make location and time invisible to the company reduces resistance
  • Reversed Transparency guarantees 100% driver privacy
  • Data is kept between 1 and 36 months
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  • Easy to use
  • Pan-European operation with professional maps
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  • Accessible via any PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Own software, integration via API possible